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Saturday, August 8, 2020

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Cartwheels on the Sky Featuring Armand Brint on KGUA FM Gualala 

This interview features  award-winning Ukiah poet Armand Brint. Holding an MFA in creative writing and English, Armand has devoted his life to teaching and writing poetry. Widely published in literary journals, he is also the author of four, soon to be five, volumes of poetry, as well as a book on writing poetry called, “Bringing Poems to Life: 16 Keys to Make Your Poems Sing.”

Amand was the City of Ukiah’s first Poet Laureate and served on the Poet Laureate Committee for a total of seven years; he is also a founding member of the Ukiahaiku Festival, which has been a beacon for writers in Mendocino and beyond for 17 years.

A popular reader in Mendocino County, Armand is the recipient of several poetry awards including a Jane Reichhold International Haiku Prize. As you will see,

Armand Brint’s poems are soulful incantations to the sorrows and joys inherent in human relationships. Funny and humane, fueled by the poet’s elegant imagination, they take us on a journey that is simultaneously meditative and down to earth.

This show airs from 7-7:30pm, Saturday, August 8 on KGUA FM 88.3 Gualala, and will stream live on the web at

You can listen to a replay here

You can find out more about Armand here.