Dystopia Unplugged — Livestreamed YouTube reading

About Coastside Poetry

Coastside Poetry meets virtually on the second Tuesday of every month to celebrate spoken-word poetry. Visit their website if you’d like to be on their mailing list, would like to suggest a featured poet, or just have something poetic to say.

I featured on July 9, 2024. The event was livestreamed and can be watched here — unless YouTube takes me down, but I think I did a good job of subverting my bad words — although Big Daddy Patriarchy was my final poem, which YouTube did not like, so we’ll see!


Coastside Poetry writes this about their series:  From the beginnings of Coastside Poetry over four years ago, we have been committed to providing a space where poets of every color, culture, sexual orientation and gender can feel they have a voice and a warmly welcoming audience. Today we recommit to inviting a wide range of featured poets to come read for us and offer their books for sale.

We also maintain an open invitation to our poetry community to give us feedback, to suggest poets they would like to hear read for us. We repeat that invitation now, in a louder voice this time. We eagerly encourage our community to direct our attention to poets that need to be heard.