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Originally Airs Saturday,
September 2, 2023

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Cartwheels on the Sky Featuring Heartcore Hip Hop Emcee Radio Active on KGUA FM Gualala

Tune into KGUA’s Cartwheel on the Sky at 7pm   on Saturday, Sept 2 when host Blake More interviews “heartcore emcee” Radio Active, a multi-faceted hip-hop visionary for all ages. They will be discussing his commitment to create positive change through expression and art, including his musical legacy, his work with youth, the community, the hip hop congress, his music is the mixer 50 years of hip hop celebration, and more!

Emcee Radio Active: A Multifaceted Hip-Hop Visionary for All Ages

Emcee Radio Active, a name synonymous with versatility and positivity, stands as a remarkable figure in the world of Hip Hop. His journey is an inspiring testament to the vibrant, community-centered, and family-friendly nature of his craft.

Musical Magic and Creativity

Emcee Radio Active’s performances are an enchanting blend of emceeing, freestyling, songwriting, and beatboxing. What makes him truly special is his ability to infuse his shows with unconventional instruments like pan flutes and didgeridoos, creating a mesmerizing fusion of sounds. He masterfully combines electronic beats with beatboxing, crafting an innovative soundscape. His performances are not mere spectacles; they’re heartfelt, spontaneous, and always fresh.

Global Stages and Harmonious Collaborations

Having graced stages with artists from around the world, Emcee Radio Active brings a rich tapestry of experiences to his music. His impressive resume includes appearances on national television shows, recognition from peers, and a Grammy-winning collaboration on a children’s Hip Hop album in 2017.

Artistry Beyond Music: “Tsumnu”

Emcee Radio Active’s artistic journey doesn’t stop at music; he also ventures into visual expressions under the name “Tsumnu” (pronounced “Some New”). His art tells compelling stories inspired by his life’s diverse adventures. It reflects the core values of Hip Hop culture, celebrating positivity, humanity, connection, creativity, and life itself.

Community Engagement and Creative Outreach

Emcee Radio Active extends his talents to various events, from Sip/Puff and Paint gatherings to community mural projects and intimate living room/backyard performances. His dedication to connecting with his audience and fostering creativity shines through in every endeavor.

A Member of Hip Hop Congress: A Positive Force for Change

Emcee Radio Active is a proud member of Hip Hop Congress (HHC), an international organization dedicated to uplifting communities through Hip Hop culture. HHC’s mission is to inspire and support artists, youth, and grassroots efforts through social engagement and educational programs. Emcee Radio Active actively contributes to HHC’s ethos of conscious collaboration and positive social change.

“Music is The Mixer”: Celebrating Hip-Hop Culture and Unity

Emcee Radio Active is the driving force behind “Music is The Mixer,” an event that celebrates 50 years of Hip-Hop culture. It’s more than an event; it’s a gathering that promotes diversity, inclusivity, and a passion for creativity. This family-friendly occasion brings together a spectrum of creative souls, from singers and emcees to beatboxers, comedians, and producers. The theme revolves around the power of connections, creating a vibrant atmosphere of networking and inspiration.

A Legacy of Inspiration

In essence, Emcee Radio Active, both in his music and artistry as Tsumnu, is a dynamic force in the world of creativity. He continually connects, inspires, and engages audiences while preserving the positive energy and essence of Hip Hop culture for generations to come.

Emcee Radio Active’s story is one of innovation, authenticity, and a deep-rooted commitment to fostering a vibrant and positive community.

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For More info- Tsumnuartwork.com



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